Marathoners run 5000m

Two of vitafit runnings Mexican Marathoners run 5000m events on track in the end of April.

Normally the April should have ended with some more marathon oportunities. So wanted René Ortiz run in the “A Pampa Traviesa Marathon” in Santa Rosa, Argentina. Unfortunatly close to the event Argentina changed the entry rules, even for top athletes and René had to decline from the starting list.

Not to stay without any event at the weekend he decided for a track start over 5000m. In the Mexican city of Tepic he placed in the middle of the field among all the specialists and ran a 14:45 out of a trainings week.

Even faster ran the former track runner Jesus Arturo Esparza, as he showed again that he has not lost any from his former 10000m career. This time it has also been 5000m for him where he placed 10th in a quality event in Azusa, California. With 13:55 he even finished under the 14 min-bareer.
Compared to René Jesus has not trained for any marathon in April or May, as he is already qualified for the Olympics. That means he is at the moment in a period with some shorter races and could show that in the 5000m.

As René now faces a May Marathon, Jesus will run a half in the same month.