Running Places of the World

Last year vitafit running introduced for the first time the running spots of their athletes to the world. Other passionated runners as well as hobby runners find themselves knowing or using the same training places. Find all the places and characterictics here:

Toluca, Mexico 

Altitude: 2700m, one of the highest city in Northamerica 

Climate: Mostly colder than other trainingsplaces, very low morning temperatures especially in winter around 0 degrees celcsus, during the day up to lower 20s.  

Nature & Characteristics: Based on a high plateau almost everything is flat, just small hills, except outside the city in the nationalparks around the Volcanos, which goes up to 4000m and more.  

Inside city mostly the training takes part in parks which are frequented by runners every morning.  

Roads: Almost all routes are nature-made or typical park routes. Almost no tarmac.   

Other Sportsfacilities: Most parks have a metered running circuit of a distance like 3-6 km with km-marks. Gym facilities are many as it is a big city, as well as private indoors as public outdoor gyms. Tracks are existing in Metepec, Zinacantepec and the universities in both styles: Plastic as well as dirt track.  

Strongest athletes: Juan Luis Barrios, Mexican panamerican gold medallist  

vitafit athletes: Julius Keter (partly), Faviola Perez Sarai (partly) 

Kapchowar, Uganda 

Altitude: 2700m 

Climate: A tropical savanna climate which is a little bit unusual for altitude. Temperatures can go up to 30 degrees celsius in the beginning of the year, almost never under 15 degrees. The typical rainy season starts from march. 

Nature & Characteristics: Kapchorwa is a city  which however let a village-feeling come up because of the village-like infrastructure and the beautiful green forest and hills.  

Roads: The roads are mostly sandy or small muddy roads between fields, some tarmac routes are also existing for trainings. 

Other Sportsfacilities: Just a small grass track at a school is existing 

Strongest athletes: Joshua Cheptegei, Worldrecordholder  5000m, 5km, 10km 

vitafit athletes: Ezekiel Chepkorom 

Kapkitony, Kenya 

Altitude: 2700m 

Climate: Mostly moderate altitude climate, because of the altitude cold nights and mostly during the day in the lower till middle 20s degrees celsius. Rain expected in 2-3 month per year in a higher amount. 

Nature & Characteristics: A very isolated, totally farming-based small village with just a few stony main roads to reach. As the place is very quiet runners benefit from a total focus on their training. Almost all of the 30-40 Top-Athletes are Marathon runners.  

Roads: The roads are very stony and demanding with up and downs. Part of the routes are reminding on a trail run what makes even runners training here stronger.  

Other Sportsfacilities: no tracks or similar facilities. Speedwork is made in form of fartleks and hillwork.  

Strongest athletes: Vincent Kipruto, Ducan Maiyo 

vitafit athletes: Purity Kimetto Kangogo 

Kaptagat, Kenya 

Altitude: 2500m 

Climate: Kaptagat has a slightly colder climate than other Kenyan places with just chilly mornings and never too high temperatures. It can be foggy in mornings and rainy in some month of the year. 

Nature & Characteristics: Kaptagat was always well-known as a place to enjoy nature and relax also for residents from counties capital Eldoret who are spending weekends here in resorts and the forest. Since runners came more to Kaptagat and first camps of were constructed more athletes liked the place because of the big Kaptagat forest which allows also to train durning rainy season.  

Roads: The mostly forest routes are perfect all year long and even during rainy season protected and not too muddy.   

Other Sportsfacilities: some companies are running sportcamps here, a track is not existing and people travel to Eldoret for speedworks.   

Strongest athletes: Eliud Kipchoge, worldrecord holder marathon and Geoffrey Kamworor, world record holder half marathon. 

vitafit athletes: Anita Kiptum, Kenneth Kandie, Kepha Ongeri Ondima 

Kapsabet, Kenya 

Altitude: 1950m 

Climate: Even a little bit lower than other places Kapsabet is not significantly warmer. Temperatures ara mostly going up till 24-26 degrees celsius during the day. Rain comes often up in afternoon with thunder and temperatures can fall down by 10 degrees within minutes. 

Nature & Characteristics: Kapsabet is very famous for the its tea plantations. It is part of the Nandi district and the green Nandi Hills are a beautiful surrounding. 

Roads: Most routes are smaller trails inside and between the tea fields. The thougher routes are going into the Nandi hills and can be affected during rainy season as it could be slippery.    

Other Sportsfacilities: some companies are running sportcamps here, a track is existing as a small track at a school.  

Strongest athletes: Stanley Biwott, former London Marathon Champion 

vitafit athletes: Moses Kurgat, Emmanuel Sikuku, Jerubet Perez 

Kericho, Kenya 

Altitude: 2300m 

Climate: As rain is frequent in Kericho mostly temperatures are between 10 degrees celsius at night time and 24 degrees during the day 

Nature & Characteristics: As the capital of tea Kericho in the same-named county is one of the most beautiful towns in Kenya as well as in its proper and clean city center as in it outskirts with the tea plantations. Kericho is one of the greenest places in the country. 

Roads: Most routes are close to or inside the tea fields. Bigger dirt routes are existing but are sometimes just used partly as they could be muddy because of the high rain volume. Alternative a tarmac route is existing.  

Other Sportsfacilities: a green track is existing for speedwork. 

Strongest athletes: Vincent Rono, Geoffrey Ronoh 

vitafit athletes: Daisy Langat Chepngeno, Francis Langat 

Guacara, Venezuela 

Altitude: 440m 

Climate: As rain is frequent in Kericho mostly temperatures are between 10 degrees celsius at night time and 24 degrees during the day 

Nature & Characteristics: Guacara is a bigger city located and influenced by the “Valencia Lake” which is around 2km outside the citycenter. Beautiful nature places are especially at the lakeside.  

Roads: Many mostly flat routes of scrubby surface are existing as well as a smaller part of tarmac routes.  

Other Sportsfacilities: Gyms are around, as well as three tartan tracks. Some parks like the “Parque Fernando Peñalver” have some sand-made and marked running circuit.  

Strongest athletes: Yolimar Pineda Medina, two time Olympic athlete and in track & field Génesis Romero, Venezolanan 100m-recordholder 

vitafit athletes: Yolimar Pineda Medina 

Iten, Kenya 

Altitude: 2400m 

Climate: A changing climate over the year with “summermonth” between December and March with temperatures up to 28 degrees celcius. In the cooler “winter” like June till August temperatures partly even don’t reach the 22 celsius degrees.  

Nature & Characteristics: Iten is between the impressive Kerio Valley at one side and smaller villages and nice forest to the other sides. The bottom and soil inside the place can be dry and dusty as inside the valley and its view down is mostly green and the Signore Forest all-year-long green. The whole scenery is hilly. 

Iten has the highest mass of international top-athletes in the world and big groups are various.  

Roads: Iten is famous for its brown to red dusty roads. They are mostly wide and allow training up to big groups, however though up- and dows are part of the routes all the time.  

Alternative smaller trails in the Signore Forest with soft forest bottom are especially made for recovery runs and more intense runs can also be made on the main tarmac road in times with less traffic like early morning or Sundays. 

Other Sportsfacilities: Iten has a good infrastructure including Gyms a tartan track and swimming pool, which are, vene if private venues mostly accessible to athletes with a coverage-fee. The local stadium is in a longer construction process while down the valley in Tambach a dust track is used as a good alternative by many athletes. 

Strongest athletes: Mary Keitany, Vincent Kipchumba, Julien Wanders, Gilbert Kirwa, Edna Kiplagat 

vitafit athletes: Sammy Kiptum, Immaculate Chemutai, Stephen Kibiwott, Hildah Cheboi 

Zacatecas, Mexico 

Altitude: 2500m 

Climate: A all-year round fresh place which very rare reaches temperatures over 20 degrees celsius. Snow can happen in nearby mountains at night in the coldest month.  It can be windy. 

Nature & Characteristics: As a city with a rich history Zacatecas shows several nice buildings and is famous as an earlier hotspot for silver mining. Just outside the city some wind parks are to see and endless running areas are starting. Around some kilometers outside town the Rio Lerma is reached as another nature landmark. 

Roads: The roads are mostly of nature soil and very dry. However they are flat and in good conditions. Runner-friendly tarmac routes with less traffic can partly be found as an add for high intense training.  

Other Sportsfacilities: Gyms are existing as well as pools as it is a bigger city. Zacatecas is also having a plastic track. 

Strongest athletes: Juan Carlos Bernal, Mexican Olympic Runner 10000m, Geoffrey Bindisi  

vitafit athletes: René Ortiz Morales  

Mexico DF, Mexico 

Altitude: 2400m 

Climate: Mexico DF has a little bit warmer altitude climate which is not often going down under 10 degrees celsius and  on the other hand temperatures up to 28-30 degrees on summer days can happen. In rainy month like August rain mostly comes heavy for 1 or 2 hours in afternoon. 

Nature & Characteristics: The world biggest city and a nice running area seems to be contrary on the first view. However besides the fact that all the sports infrastructure exists here also nice running areas can be found, mostly in big parks.  Based on a high plateau most areas inside the city a flat.  In suburbs hilly areas can be found like the Bosque de Tlalpan in the south. Some athletes also go out to Naucalpan and the mountain area La Marquesa for training in areas up to 3500m.  vitafit running athletes also use a lot the forest “El Ocotal” close to Santa Fé District with soft ground and good, fresh climate. 

Roads: In Americas biggest city park Chapultepec with its three sections long runs up to 30k in just a single loop can be done. Mostly ways are gravel park ways or partly tarmac. In other parks it looks similar while in Bosque de Tlalpan you can also find soft forest ground. 

Other Sportsfacilities: In the biggest city there is nothing you can not find. In other words: The variety of tracks, pools, gyms and physiotherapists is endless. 

Strongest athletes: Juan Joel Pacheco,  José Santana, Mexican 2:09-2:10 Marathoners,  

Brenda Flores, Mexican 10000m champion  

vitafit athletes:   Juan Joel Pacheco,  Jesús Arturo Esparza, Faviola Perez Sarai, Kathya Mirell Garcia, Dani Torres 

Bogotá,  Colombia 

Altitude: 2600m 

Climate:  Bogotá has a colder altitude climate with never too hot temperatures and many cloudy and rainy days over the year.  

Nature & Characteristics: The capital has some attractive parks which are famous among runners of professional level.  The “Parque El Tunal” is well known also by foreign african athletes while even bigger is the “Parque Simon Bolivar”. Inside a very massive sportsfacility- and bike lane area that parks also can be linked to smaller parks around like the “Parque de los Novios”, the botanical garden and some other smaller ones what allows long running routes. 

Roads: Depending on the park the roads can be made of gravel, tarmac or grass. 

Other Sportsfacilities: As Bogotá is the capital it is easy to find Gyms, Pools and other Health and Fitness complexes for additional training. Many tartan tracks are existing, two already close to the “Paruq Simon Bolivar” within just a short distance.  

Strongest athletes: Kellys Arias, 2:32 Marathoner and Angie Orjuela national record holder 

vitafit athletes:  Angie Orjuela  

Paipa,  Colombia

Altitude: 2500m 

Climate:  Paipa has a cold climate, temperatures are never climbing over 22 degrees celsius. However frost and snow is not common but rain. April, may and October and November are the month with heavy rain.   

Nature & Characteristics: As a small city Paipa has some farming areas around together with nice nature. The citycenter is beautiful and tourism plays a bigger role also. Paipa is well known for thermal baths. In two lakes also water sports can be trained.   

Roads:  Many unpaved roads which are perfect for training can be used. For faster runs also tarmac roads can be found.  

Other Sportsfacilities: an athletics track is existing in town as well as two gyms.  

Strongest athletes: Sebastián Molano, professional cyclist of UCI World Tour team 

vitafit athletes:  Erika Abril Suarez  

Chepkoilel,  Kenya 

Altitude: 2100m 

Climate:  Chepkoilel  as part of Eldoret which is lower than some other Kenyan places has a warmer climate than the famous running village nearby. Just some month like may till august can be colder in the morning and partly rainy. 

Nature & Characteristics: Going pout from Eldoret center towards Iten the district of Chepkoilel starts which is known as a busy district with many small stores, restaurants, pubs and street food at night.  It is also famous for the carpenter industrie. All running routes are starting a little bit behind the busy main street in the backland. Chepkoilel is famous for its University, the biggest in Eldoret.  

Roads: If no typical dust roads, the routes are mostly green and flat, just partly with slopes. Tarmac routes are also existing 

Other Sportsfacilities: A gym is existing. For speedwork the University track is used where many famous athletes are training. Also the Kipchoge Keino Stadium, host venue of Kenyan National Championships and trials with a standard tartan track is in Chepkoilel. 

Strongest athletes:  Ezekiel Kemboi, Multiple World- and Olympic Champion 3000m steeple. 

vitafit athletes:  Ruth Bosibori  

Kimumu,  Kenya 

Altitude: 2200m 

Climate:  Kimumu is a district of Eldoret which is close to Chepkoilel  

Nature & Characteristics: As one of the outside districts of Eldoret city Kimumu directly boarders with endless running routes in and between fields as well as some smaller hills. The famous Moiben Road to Iten, a almost flat and straight road for long runs starts here.   

Roads:  Many dust roads are existing of all level and difficulties. 

Other Sportsfacilities:  Athletes from Kimumu mostly use the tracks in other estates of Eldoret like Chepkoilel or Annex.  

Strongest athletes:  Polat Kemboi Arikan, double European Champion 10000m  

vitafit athletes:  Peter Limo, Kepha Ongeri  

Strömstad,  Sweden 

Altitude: 100m 

Climate:  Typical Swedish Summers with stabil climate and less rain during May and September, cold and wet winters 

Nature & Characteristics:  Strömstad 20km away from the norwegian border is located between fjords and massive, hilly forests. The small city is a typical summerresidence for many tourists 

Roads:  Strömstad has the typical Swedish marked running routes called “Motionspår” in the districts of Erlandseröd, Tjärndalen and Kasen. Soft forest ground or in Tjärndalen even a grass track with kilometer marks at least all 500m are dream for runners also for middle distance athletes to do intervals and speedworks. For longer runs several hilly non-tarmac main routes but with almost no trafic are climbing up and down the forests.  

Other Sportsfacilities: Gym and Pool are existing in the city, even the biggest pool are the fjords and several bath places. A full athletics stadium with a plastic track is located at Strömsvallen.  

Strongest athletes:  Mikael Ekvall, Swedish 2:11-marathoner 

vitafit athletes:  severals during summer training camps 

Wedel,  Germany 

Altitude: 30m 

Climate:  moderate atlantic climate with almost never over 30 degrees celsius and even in winter not often less than 5 degrees celsius. Snow is almost never happen, rain is stronger between November and Febuary and sometimes in May/June.  

Nature & Characteristics:  Located directly at the riverbanks with its beaches the medium size city of Wedel was always aplace of interest for day tourists from nearby Hamburg. The nature shows different views to all sides outside the city which gives different running routes. While to the west at the dykes all is flat un very straight and wide to the east side Wedel borders hilly and green areas like Rissen & Blankense with not high but very though mountains and trails in the hills. At the northern side Wedel is boardering a big forest “Klövensteen” which allows runs up to 20k and more.  

Roads:  The routes at the dyke are made of tarmac and just straight and fast for example for fartleks. They have marks all 100m. To the other sides you find also trails with soft forest grounds. Almost all kind of surfaces can be find somewhere around Wedel.  

Other Sportsfacilities: As a Gym mostly vitafit’s partner the vitafit Fitnessclub in Rissen is used. Inside Wedel also a small gym is existing at the Indoor Sports Center als well as a small indoor track. The local “Elbe-Stadium” is a fully equipped athletics stadium. 

Strongest athletes:  Markus Münch, Olympic discus thrower  

Leon Rohde, professional Cyclist 

vitafit athletes:  all when staying at vitafit runnings homebase 

Usedom,  Germany 

Altitude: 30m 

Climate:  moderate atlantic climate with almost never over 30 degrees celsius and even in winter not often less than 5 degrees celsius. Snow is almost never happen, rain is stronger between November and Febuary and sometimes in May/June.  

Nature & Characteristics:  The German/Polish island is influenced by the seaside tourism and its beautiful resort and ville architecture. Endless promenade walks like the longest in Europe are existing as well as many trails and forests in the backlands. Usedom has ever been a famous place for trainings camps of runners and national team. Usedom has already been the host place for continantal Cross Country Championships 

Roads:  The routes are flat, straight and tarmac at the promenade walks on the seaside and of soft or grass ground in the backyards. 

Other Sportsfacilities: Athletes mostly use the sports school at Zinnowitz with Gyms, Indoor grounds and a track for the specific additional training and speedwork.  

Strongest athletes:  different German runners when in trainingscamp 

vitafit athletes:  Idelma Delgado (partly) 

Palavas-Les-Flots,  France 

Altitude: 5m 

Climate:  While summers are very hot perfect climate is in spring and autumn for training. Just strong wind from the seaside and partly rainy days over those month can affect the training a little.  

Nature & Characteristics:  Palavas-Les-Flots is not only  sea boardering place with a beach but also has canals in the backland. All those canals have endless, mostly straight routes at both sides which allow to run kilometers to neighbouring places like Carnon, Villenueve-les-Maguelone and Lattes. Smaller exercises can be made on the beaches.  

Roads:  The routes are flat, mostly straight and long and made of brown loam. That can be muddy when raining.  

Other Sportsfacilities: The top athletics stadium “Stade Phillipides” in nearby Montpellier is mostly used by the athletes. 

Strongest athletes:  french national decathlon selection normally trains in Palavas and Montpellier 

vitafit athletes:  different vitafit athletes during trainings camps 

Santa Ana,  El Salvador 

Altitude: 600m 

Climate:  many equal months,  temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees celsius. More rain between May and July. 

Nature & Characteristics:  The second biggest city of the country has a historical city center and the running routes are starting in several outskirt neighbour hoods. While the main area is flat some higher volcanos can be seen outside the city 

Roads:  The routes are flat and often made of natural surface. Soft roads like grass-made ones can be found 

Other Sportsfacilities: Small tracks at schools, some gyms are existing. 

Strongest athletes:  Oscar Aldana, El Salvadorian half marathon record holder 

vitafit athletes: Idelma Delgado 

Puerto Montt,  Chile 

Altitude: 20m 

Climate:  Puerto Montt is usually cold. Temperatures are almost never reaching over 20 degrees celsius and are constantly under 10 degrees at night times.  

Nature & Characteristics:  With its quarter million habitants Puerto Montt has all amenities of a big city and a lively center. The harbour is also an important part and landmark of the city. Running routes are existing inside parks but mostly in the less busy areas and the outskirts of the city. The mostly snow topped volcano “Osorno” goes up to 2700m 

Roads:  The routes are flat and omany fast tarmac routes are existing. For the more protective soft routes runners go out of the city and its parks to the suburbs. 

Other Sportsfacilities: Gyms and a plastic track is existing. 

Strongest athletes:  Véronica Angel, chilenian selectional athlete in continantal championships 

vitafit athletes: Giselle Alvarez 

Bukwar, Uganda 

Altitude: 2200m 

Climate: Bukwar can be hot up to higher 20s degrees celsius in the beginning of the year while climate is changing from may till september getting colder a little bit every month and bringing more rain.  

Nature & Characteristics: Bukwa as a small town is surrounded by grasslands where domestic animals are graced. The grassland areas is mostly flat. Higher mountains and hilly areas can be find in nearby Mount Elgon border region to Kenya. 

Roads: The roads are mostly grass based. Some forest trails are also existing. Some main routes with less traffic mostly made of sand are also used for training but can be muddy at rainy months. 

Other Sportsfacilities: There is no track in Bukwa. A sports camp was constructed by the government but is currently not running as the local support is missed.  

Strongest athletes: Moses Kipsiro, Solomon Mutai, ugandan top marathoners 

vitafit athletes: Ben Siwa 

Ifrane,  Morocco 

Altitude: 1650m 

Climate:  Also a wintersports resort Ifrane can have snow in winter but from spring to autumn provides best opportunities for distance running.  

Nature & Characteristics: Ifrane has two bigger with paved ways in its city center.  Around the town you find unless dirt routes to go to all sides up to some higher hills.  

Roads: Depending if in the parks or out of city roads can be made of gravel, tarmac or grass. 

Other Sportsfacilities: A bigger stadium within a full sportscomplex provides everything athletes need. Stands around the track give a high capacity to the stadium, the track is of international standard. Also Gyms are existing.  

Strongest athletes: Soukaina Atanane, Morrocon Bronze Label Road Racer 

vitafit athletes:  Majida Maayouf 

Krefeld,  Germany 

Altitude: 40m 

Climate:  Mostly colder, grey winters and drier summers with temperatures in the 20’s, even if not daily. Risk of rain in most parts of the year. 

Nature & Characteristics: In the deep area of “Lower Rhine” no big hills to expect. The training is mada in the forest “Stadtwald” on a cycling an walking way connecting the parts of Bockum with Elfrath and in outside districts like Elfrather See Area with tamac routes for farleks, “Stadtpark Uerdingen” with parkways for easy runs or in the south at the forest “Forstwald” with soft ground. The only hillwork area is around “Hülser Berg” 

Roads: Due to Parks, Forest, Cycling Ways and different sections of the city you can find almost all kind of routes. 

Other Sportsfacilities: The big sports history with one of Germanys most important multi-sports club brought the “Bayer Sportpark” to Krefelds district of Uerdingen. The athletics stadium is the heart of this sports area. For track and field also an Indoor Hall is existing. Besides you find a lot of other halls, grass courts, another jogging track and a full equipped as well as an Athletics-High-Performance Gym on the plot.  

Strongest athletes: Michael Schrader, Decathlon Olympic Participant 

vitafit athletes:  several when around in Germany