Social Responsibility

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As an internationally functioning management, we unite many characters, cultures, perspectives and lifestyles. Tolerance and respect are amongst vitafit running’s main goals, as well as a fair play among athletes, coaches and races.

To act upon these values, vitafit running supports social responsibility projects in sports and beyond.

Material Donations

Just a few top athletes earn enough from their sport to live comfortably and worry-free.  However, the pool of young athletes and talented runners who make up the full base of performance running is much larger.

Vitafit running does donation campaigns as part of a bigger project to collect running shoes, shirts, track suits and other equipment from athletic clubs, sporting goods stores and private persons. We ship the collected equipment to running projects, local trainings groups and athletes to support rising talent. Generally, vitafit running is always open for ideas and donations.

Elephant Adoption

Running managements and Kenya share a strong connection, and we deeply appreciate the country’s beauty. Kenya has the most incredible animal variety in the world, and one of their most impressive species is the elephant. Though the population has recovered in the last 10 years, and more than 40,000 elephants now live in Kenya again, many private projects are needed for support.

One of these projects is the elephant orphanage in Nairobi, which does a fantastic job at raising baby elephants that have been abandoned by their herd. Parent injury or death can leave baby elephants to start their life in a sad way.  The project tries to bring the orphaned elephants back to strength, with the goal of reuniting them with a herd in one of the national parks after five years.  Vitafit running adopted Bondeni, the cheeky creature who is one of the project’s youngest elephants, to give her better chances for the future.