Finishing the year with a half marathon

The vitafit athletes Faviola Sarai perez and Kathya Garcia Mirell wanted to run another half marathon before the year ends. While Faviola had not many events over the last two years Kathya is in prepration for the Houston Marathon and needed a test of shape.

The Mexico City Half Marathon just before christmas (postponed from July) was a great opportunity for that.

Both motivated Faviola had bad luck after a competitor stepped into her shoes at 14k. A movement of the insole was not to repair anymore and she had to drop out because of the shoes problem. For Kathya it went better. A time of 76 min in the altitude and profiled course was planned what would mean a good 73 time in flat area. She ran exactly within that range and finished with 1:16:16 in a fifth place and within the prize money. That gives her the opportunity to run a sub 2:35 time in her marathon.