Good Half Marathon Test for Silvia and Luis before Berlin Marathon

At an international half marathon sunday with races in Antrim, Worthensee, Buenos Aires and Lima also vitafit running athletes tested their shape.

The Buenos Aires Half, a world athletics label races and the fastest half martahon in Latinamerica produces again a couple of good results. Several guys under 60min and a quantity of PB’s some bigger races can dream of.

Preparing for the Berlin Marathon Silvia Paredes and Luis Masabanda of Ecuador went for a half marathon test. While Silvia felt the kilometers of the last weeks in her legs she could jist come close to her latest half marathon results with a 76:59min. However it was not a bad result.

Luis ran not just to an all-over 12thplace but set with 62:37 a new PB, while is former one from Lima was just 3 month old. Even he was not totally satisfied the result gives hope for a very good Marathon and even the olympic limit is inside the possibilities.