Good Testrun for Dani over 15k

While the Opening Ceremony takes place the marathoners of vitafit running have 2 more weeks time till they will be the glories finish of the Games. The ladies Marathon will take on 7th of August while the men will traditionally run as the main highlight on the last day.

Two and a half weeks before the event Dani Torres did a last test run over 15k. The extra installed event simulated the expected high temperatures in Japan. Even after the change of location to Sapporo the temperatures might not be under 20 degrees Celsius the whole day.

So Dani travelled with some team mates to the stat:e of Veracruz, which has not just Mexicos highest mountains but also a costline with ports and climate above the 30’s. The humidity was also an important aspect for a good test. She participated the 15k under this difficult condition in 49:07. That is the best time of a Mexican lady in history and shows that Dani is totally ready for the show at Sapporo.