Ladies perform on point – three more Olympic qualifications for vitafit running

Three more vitafit ladies performed in the “Xiamen & Tuscany Camp Elite Marathon” hold on an airfield in Siena, Tuscany. Due to a big effort of a local organization committee another chance was there to set Olympic standards in this spring.

Immaculate Chemutai of Uganda, Majida Maayouf of Morrocco and also Dani Torres of Mexico, who was added to the field spontaneous went with similar level and goals into the race.

The minimum goal for all was the Olympic Standard of 2:29:30 and Immaculate and Dani went from the beginning in the 2:29-group and ran all the race together. Just Majida started with a little bit faster group. The potential of all is even higher but weather conditions complicated the race a little bit.

While Dani just had a very small deep at kilometer 27 and Immaculate some stitches on the last 3k, Majida was struggling with some blisters which let her loose the connection to her group after 35k.  Founding herself in the group of the other two ladies at 40k a big team spirit started and the three ladies motivated each other for the finish to reach their big goal. Finishing within 3 consecutive places Dani Torres in her debut had the best end-speed and finished in 2:28:55. Immaculate followed in 2:29:09 and Majida showed once again her fighter qualities till the end, reaching with a sprint in 2:29:24 also the minimum goal.

The course in 5k laps was flat but however tarmac conditions and weather made it not easy. A big respect to the ladies and all other finisher who produces amazing times.

Vitafit’s three ladies are now among the Top 3 ladies of their countries and can make plans towards Olympics.