Thalia with an amazing Marathon on a perfect Day

There are those days which are perfect. The sunday of Rotterdam Martahon, a city which sometimes can be windy but has one of the fastest course in the world, was such a day.

Not just men’s winner ran a national record, also vitafit’s Thalia Valdivia of Peru benefit so much from the perfect conditions, with no wind, 9-13 degrees during the race and a supporting crowd.

Doing the next step after her marathon debut last year, Thalia convinced on all stages and did even more than just a new PB.

A huge improvement from 2:32 in her debut to 2:25:23 means not just 7 min faster but also national record, olympic qualification, a top 6 position in a Platinum Label Race and the third fastest time in history of Southamerica. Just half a year ago those time would have still been a continental record and Thalia will for sure be one of the candidates to get in future. However now the focus can go straight to the Olympics, as with this result she will clearly be nominated, even three other ladies of Peru already had the qualification.

An amazing and perfect day for her in Rotterdam.