Silvia Top-10 in one of the Top-5 US Marathons

Silvia Paredes was the only vitafit representative in the 2024 Los Angeles Marathon, since the Kenyan Moses Kurgat did not recieve the visa on time and will run in April in Greece instead.

She was also the only latinamerican Pro-Athlete in this big race. Behind the three mayors and Houston as a Label Race, Los Angeles is considered to be within the five most important marathons in the United States.

The course is not flat and demanding and as the ladie start before the mass event, Silvia most parts of the race had to create on her own.

While fast times are not possible in this event and she felt the hills from the first miles she fighted as usual to the end and finished also this race. She has never dropped off from a marathon in her long career and traveled home with a Top-10 position in an international field.