Two vitafit athletes racing in summer half martahon

On a hot summer day, almost like in the last edition 2019 two vitafit athletes raced in the Hamburg Half Marathon. Beatrice Toroitich as well as Kepha Ongeri Ondima both came from Kenya to race in the middle of the year to stay in shape towards a good autumn season with probably a marathon for both of them.

Kepha had a few more problems on the road and ran with the leading group till kilometer 13. After he lost some positions till finishing in position 9.

Better it went for Beatrice running her own race behind the lead, guided partly by vitafit runnings pacemaker of confidence Volker Goineau. In the controlled and structured race she had less problems with the heat and finished in 74:49 what was a good time also as she had a small injury before.