58 min for Pacheco and Esparza over 20k

In lack of competition on the road in the month of febuary vitafit runnings Top Athletes Jesus Arturo Esparza and Juan Joel Pacheco did a 20k Test run under complete race conditions with their trainings group. The run took part on a private plot in Lerdo at 1200m altitude on 4 laps.

A group of 6 man started a really high pace and passed 5k in 14:47 min and 10k in 29:25 min. Becoming smaller to a group of 4 the second half of the race was even run faster and after passing 15k in 43:54 it was Pacheco who had the best finish and was bringing some meters and just a few seconds through him and Esparza at the last meters. The exact time of 58:12 in a Test at still altitude over 1000m brings big hopes towards a 10k race in Germany in March and gives the athletes confidence.

At the same venue Dani Torres was testing over 10k and finished faster than her official PB with a time of 32:29. Also an amazing result after a normal trainigs week on the way to her marathon Debut in this spring.