Giselle Alvarez is also back to competion

As step by step for different vitafit running Athletes competitions coming back also Giselle was one of the athletes who waited a longer time to compete again. It have been 9 long month since her national titel in the half marathon and the ambitions for a succesfull season in road races where high.

However as now athletes are happy about all race opportunities and want to feel the spirit of a race again Giselle accepted to participate on 5000m on track in the city of San Fernando in Chile. Knowing tht it is not her main distances she lost in the second half of the race the contact to the specialist on track and finished in a 3rd position. Also a result of just a time of 18 min is not about her level from earlier this year but must be seen as a trainings run and a comeback in the world of competitions. The outside temepratures with 31 degrees in chilenian summer also did not provide fast times. However Giselle needed the feeling of a race and was confident after. The plans for the next half marathon and after a mrathon in March/April are still on.