René confirms his time from December

René Ortiz Morales could confirm his time from the Valencia Marathon in December by running just 14 seconds slower in this years special Elite edition of the Milano Marathon.

Regarding the circumstances with a lot of changes in the plan and the slightly more difficult course in Milano than in Valencia, he can be totally satisfied. René was supposed to run in Santa Rosa, Argentina in April. When that Elite race was just switched to a national event all thoughts were on Copenhagen in May. At a late point of time also that event was cancelled and Milano was the last option.

In an amazing fast race with a world leading winning time the main focus and group building was, unlike in other marathons in this year, not on Olympic Qualifications but on the african leading group. René had to ran early without a bigger group or pacemakers but found a good pace which showed that Valencia was not an exception and the way will go on towards 2:11 and 2:10 times in future.