Thalia number four in whole North- and Southamerica

At the 10000m final of the Panamerican Games in Santiago de Chile Thalia Valdivia Magariño could participate another time in international championships for Peru.

Just qualifying in september over 10000m she had a short prepration but however high goals, even thinking about a medal. As the track season was long for most athletes it was not clear, what to expect and even 3 ladies with 31 min PB’s where not running those in the race. It developed to the typical championship race with a moderate pace with a group of 8, later 6 runners. It was the other Peruvian lady Luz Rojas in the field who 2000m before finished decided to push and not Thalia, not even Ednah Kurgat of the United states and Mexico’s Laura Galván decided to follow in that moment. Talking about that situation after Thalia was sure that she had to go with Luz in that moment.

Therefore among the chasers Thalia placed position 4 in the end with a time of 33:18.21. Seeing that she was just 6 seconds behind the winner and also finished fourth while she was just the 6 fastest on the inscription list, she can be very happy with that result.

As it was the season highlight on one hand it can also be seen as a last test before an international half marathon in November to collect some more road experience and step by step switch the way to successfull road races for her in future.