Three athletes on three continents in action

Not just Yolimar raced in Caracas also to other vitafit ahletes had races on last sunday. While Kathya Garcia ran in Northamerica the half marathon in Aguacalientes, Emmanuel Sikuku ran the Nairobi marathon on african soil.

So three athletes ran on three different continents but all in their home countries.

The results were really suprising. Kathya who just had some track events in last two years she won the race and set with 74:58 a time not far from her PB. Sikuku ran his second marathon of the year after this years Eldotet marathon. Running a long time with the leading group he finished 2:12:26 what is a great time in the altitude of the kenyan capital. Kathya will run next a fast marathon in US in January and Sikuku has with that time all chances to run a new PB in Europe in spring.