Update from vitafit Athletes and some Test Runs during the Crisis Time

The difficult weeks of full or partly lockdowns seems to come to an end and gives the athletes more opportunities to train.

Vitafit running’s athletes faced very different training situations and restrictions in these time, depending their country and trainings area. Often inside one country there have been different restrictions depending the province.

While in some countries some local track events take part already it seems like Road Races will be suspended for longer and with every week the hope of still some events in this year is getting smaller.

Some athletes reduced their training on a basic level while other at least did some small controlls about their shape out of training. That is totally a question of character if an athlete needs that at this time or not and if he will benefit longterm from it. Both forms, to test yourself as well as reduce training for a while are understandable.

Those athletes who did some test runs, alone or with some trainingsmates showed some suprising results in these difficult time.

René Ortiz Morales was running a 5km Test with his trainings group in San Luis Potosi in Mexico. He races a little bit over 5k (5,1k) in 14:42 which was a good under 3min per kilometer-split. Fot this time and him a s Marathoner a very good test of shape.

Also in s much shorter distance than used to Angela Brito from Ecuador suprised with a in a Mile on Track in 5:14. Besides some impressive trainings in the last weeks it confirmed that even in a time where running was not possible at all in Ecudaor she did not loose a lot from her promising shape from the spring where she in March still ran one of her fastest ever half marathon times. All that shows that she has still even as a marathoner potential for shorter road races and also the base for a marathon PB in nearer future is there.